How to Lead a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle

How to Lead a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle

Making smarter choices about your health can greatly benefit your heart.

With heart disease being the leading cause of death in both US men and women, it is important that you are doing your part to lead a heart-healthy lifestyle. Regardless or your risk level, everyone can benefit from making smarter and healthier choices, and our Kissimmee, FL, cardiologist Dr. Aamir Javaid can provide guidance. Here are some ways to improve heart health:

Be Active

If you find yourself jumping from the office desk to the couch every day, this kind of sedentary lifestyle can greatly impact your risk for heart disease. Therefore, one of the best things you can do for your heart is to get up and move. The American Heart Association recommends getting at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise every day (or at least most days of the week).

This might mean taking a brisk walk around the neighborhood or joining a group class at your gym. Whatever gets the heart pumping and the blood flowing can improve your blood pressure, boost circulation, and keep the heart healthy and strong.

Quit Smoking

If you’re looking for yet another reason to ditch this habit, finding out that it can greatly increase your risk for heart disease may just be enough of a reason. Smoking can raise blood pressure and increase your risk for stroke. While there are a ton of smoking cessation aids and programs out there, we also know that taking the first steps can be difficult. This is where our cardiologist can help you find the right program to fit your needs.

Eat a Heart-Healthy Diet

What you eat plays a major role in your heart health. It’s important that you avoid foods that are high in cholesterol such as processed meats and desserts. When they say your diet should look like a rainbow this means eating fruits and vegetables with a variety of color, which can provide you with all the vitamins and minerals you need. Also, choose whole grains and lean protein like chicken breasts and fish. Talk with your doctor about ways to change your diet to support a healthy heart.

Visit a Cardiologist

Have a family history of heart disease? Noticing that you’re winded more easily with activity? Want to see how your heart is doing? There are many reasons people turn to a cardiologist. With multiple locations throughout Kissimmee and Orlando, FL, we make it easier to get the routine and comprehensive checkups you need to make sure you are healthy. Just about everyone can benefit from visiting us at least once a year to check their health status.

If you want to know whether you could be at risk for heart disease, it’s time to talk with a cardiologist about your health. Call Institute for Advanced Cardiovascular Care in Kissimmee, FL, today at (407) 572-8900.