What To Do If You Experience Chest Pain

What To Do If You Experience Chest Pain

What should you do if you have chest pain? First, recognize this is not normal, and you must act on it. Follow the directions given to you by your interventional cardiologist, Dr. Aamir Javaid, at the Institute for Advanced Cardiovascular Care in Kissimmee, FL. Chest pain can be managed.

What is chest pain?

Heart-related chest pain is called angina. In his Kissimmee, FL, cardiology practice, Dr. Javaid recognizes chest pain indicates poor blood flow to the heart muscle. The characteristic squeezing pain may be accompanied by a burning sensation and tightness not only in the chest but also, in the back, jaw, shoulder, and arm.

Chest pain may be predictable in severity and in what triggers it. This cardiac symptom is called stable angina. Chest pain that comes on suddenly, hurts more, and surprises you is called unstable angina. Unstable angina often signals a precipitous cardiac event, such as a heart attack.

What you should do

Never ignore chest pain. Always follow the protocol established by your cardiologist in Kissimmee. Take any routine medications as prescribed. However, if chest pain ensues, sit down, and rest. Take your sublingual nitroglycerin pills or use the spray as directed. Sit upright as the medication works, and do not smoke. MedLine Plus advises contacting 911 if your pain does not resolve within five minutes of completing your nitro regimen.

In fact, if you detect a change in your chest pain or other symptoms, notify Dr. Javaid. Cardiac symptoms, such as angina, can vary with weather, sex, heavy lifting, eating too much, or doing a new, strenuous exercise. Pay strict attention to any changes in your heart rate. Is it:

  • Faster than usual?
  • Slower than usual?
  • Irregular?

These are danger signs your physician must know about right away. Plus, notify him if your usual medications fail to produce their usual results.

Keep in close contact

Your heart health and overall well-being depend on it. And, we're here for ongoing care and your most urgent issues, such as chest pain. For your best cardiac care, call Institute for Advanced Cardiovascular Care for a consultation with Dr. Aamir Javaid.

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